David Martin Safety Training
OSHA Authorized Instructor
Accident Investigation and interviewing skills

 This class will review the basic steps in incident and accident investigation and give each student an opportunity to improve their investigative interviewing skills through role plays of accident scenarios.  
At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:
1. Describe why it is useful to conduct both incident and accident
2. List the phases of incident and accident investigations and what happens in
each phase.
3. Discuss the planning process and decisions that have to be
made before an investigation takes place.
5. Describe procedures for preserving the scene and collecting
causal factor evidence.
6. Demonstrate techniques for interviewing witnesses and getting
7. Describe why analyzing an accident’s cause is critical.
8. Discuss methods used to analyze data and determine causation
9. Analyze possible causes of an accident.
10. Develop recommended actions to prevent similar accidents.

PriceĀ  $ 149.00
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